Lisa Chappell

Senior Botanist and Environmental Scientist

Lisa Chappell is FVC’s, Senior Botanist and Environmental Scientist.  She is committed to professionalism and integrity and as such shares the core values of the company.

Lisa joined FVC in 2016 and has over 16 years environmental consulting experience, commencing her career in the industry in 2002.

Since commencing as an environmental consultant, Lisa has filled the role of botanist and environmental scientist at various environmental consultancies in Perth.  Upon graduating from Murdoch University with a Bachelor of Environmental Science (Hons.) she spent her formative years working as a botanist at Western Botanical under the guidance of well-known industry practitioners, led by Managing Director, Geoff Cockerton.  After gaining a wealth of knowledge with the Western Botanical team, Lisa joined the Environment team at AECOM in Perth (then Maunsell).

Lisa’s career in botanical assessments has taken her to all corners of Western Australia, and she is experienced in conducting the full range of flora and vegetation assessments in all bioregions, for a range of clients across all industry sectors.

With experience in all aspects of botanical assessments, including monitoring programs and targeted significant flora surveys, ranging from experimental design, logistics planning, desktop assessments, field surveys, data management, spatial mapping using GIS programs and reporting, Lisa is an invaluable member of the FVC team, acting as the lead technician in the team in this space.

In addition to her botanical knowledge, Lisa is also experienced in the broad range of comprehensive environmental assessments, environmental impact assessment, environmental approvals and compliance, including designing and carrying out monitoring programs and preparing environmental management plans.

Lisa has applied her botanical knowledge to a range of tasks associated with the environmental approvals process for a number of projects.  She has contributed to a number of complex approvals documents for high profile developments in Western Australia.

Lisa prides herself on working with professionalism and integrity, and as part of a team that works with clients, not just for them.