Amendments to the Commonwealth Threatened Species List

Last month, the Commonwealth Minister for the Environment and Energy approved the inclusion of 19 species, transfer of 8 species, removal of 2 species and retention of 3 species in their current category in the EPBC Act list of threatened species.

Of the 19 newly listed species, 16 are plants, including the Quindanning Spider-orchid (Caladenia hopperiana).
The amendments also include four species of mammal, including the Numbat, and four species of bird elevating to a higher conservation status.
Of importance to WA is also the elevation of Baudin’s Black-cockatoo from Vulnerable to Endangered, which is now the same status as Carnaby’s Black-cockatoo.

Black-cockatoo - fauna assessment

Baudin’s Black-cockatoo (right), showing a narrower and longer beak than Carnaby’s Black-cockatoo (left)

The distribution of Baudin’s Black-cockatoo is mostly south of Perth, extending to the south coast and across to approximately Albany. The lifespan of Black-cockatoos under normal circumstances is 25 to 50 years and their populations are under threat due to loss of their foraging and breeding habitats.