Environmental Surveys and Assessments

FVC is an environmental consultancy, specialised in undertaking environmental assessments to assist with environmental impact assessment, environmental approvals and to demonstrate environmental compliance.

Our track record also includes a range of projects not focused only on development, but also on natural area management and conservation.

The type of environmental survey undertaken will depend on a range of variables, including project purpose and objectives, statutory approvals requirements and client budget.  Finding an ethical environmental consultant to collaboratively assist with determining specific needs of any given environmental assessment is important.  The FVC team is prided on working with clients, not just for them, with a focus on project needs, from beginning to end.  This means, all assessments and the approach we will take is tailored to the project and client needs, which will deliver focused results, efficiencies, value for money and proper regulatory compliance.

FVC draws on a team of highly experienced environmental professionals to resource projects with the full spectrum of impact assessment, approvals and management needs.

environmental assessments

Environmental Assessment Services Delivered

  • Flora and vegetation assessments
  • Fauna and habitat assessments
  • Targeted significant flora surveys
  • Targeted TEC/PEC assessments (specialists in Banksia woodland TEC assessments)
  • Targeted Black-cockatoo habitat assessments
  • Vegetation monitoring
  • Weed and vegetation condition monitoring
  • Rehabilitation monitoring
  • Conservation-significant fauna monitoring programs
  • Environmental Impact Assessment

Key Relevant Experience

Highlight Project

Main Roads WA, Tonkin Hwy, Tonkin Gap, biological assessments, environmental impact assessment, Environmental Management Plan, State & Commonwealth referrals (2018-2019)

The scope of the project commenced as a biological assessment, addressing the values of flora, vegetation, fauna, habitat and focused on Black-cockatoo habitat.

Following delivery of the initial biological assessment, Main Roads requested variations for ongoing support with the project, including environmental impact assessment, development of an environmental management plan and then also the preparation of both a State referral to the WA EPA and also to the Commonwealth Department of the Environment and Energy (DEE).

With the referrals, a comprehensive Referral Supporting Document was prepared, which consolidated the results of a broad range of studies including benthic habitat and aquatic fauna studies in the Swan River, contamination assessments which included PFAS and the complex matter of various construction methodology options for the Swan River bridging.  This task required the FVC team to gain an intimate understanding of the various impacts, aspects and technical studies associated with the project.

Following the considerable effort invested in the upfront technical studies and commitment to impact mitigation and responsible environmental management made by Main Roads, the project was determined to be ‘Not Assessed’ by both the State and the Commonwealth regulator.

FVC is proud of the contributions made to the Tonkin Gap Project, which will address the current bottleneck where the highway reduces from three lanes to two lanes in Bayswater and Redcliffe.  Main Roads will also be making improvements to access and connectivity for road users, pedestrians and cyclists in the project area.

Following the successful progression of the environmental regulatory steps that FVC played a key role in, the important $159.9 million project will soon receive tender submissions for construction, which will commence in 2020.

Other Relevant Projects

  • Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage, Russell Road MRS Review, environmental impact assessment (2019)
  • City of Cockburn, Aboriginal Cultural and Visitor’s Centre, biological and environmental impact assessments (2019)
  • Lake Mealup Preservation Society, with Peel-Harvey Catchment Council, Lake Mealup Bushland Action Plan (2019)
  • Rey Resources, Stokes Bay, Point Torment and West Kora Oil Wells, Environment Plan (2018)
  • City of Mandurah, Reserve Management Plans (2017)
  • Main Roads WA, Leach Hwy-Welshpool Rd Interchange Upgrade, biological assessments, Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment & Environmental Management Plan, vegetation clearing impact assessment, Vegetation Management Plan (2018-2019)
  • Blackham Resources Limited, Matilda Gold Project, Ecological Monitoring of Lake Way (2017-2019)


"I have worked within the environmental arena for over 15 years, within both the private and government sectors.  During this time, I have worked closely with many environmental consultancy firms on various projects of varying scales.  If I had to rank these consultancies, Focused Vision would be at the top!

In a time where many consultancies put money and client before the environment, Focused Vision can hold their heads high.  The team’s experience and moral poise always provide win-win scenarios time and again.

Their staff are professional on a multitude of different levels and always willing to go above and beyond when required.

Thank you Focused Vision"

Adam Harris, Environmental Officer, City of Cockburn, 2019