Environmental Management Systems

Focused Vision Consulting Pty Ltd (FVC) draws on a team of highly experienced environmental professionals to resource projects with the full spectrum of environmental consulting needs. Our team includes personnel with skills and experience in the preparation, implementation, maintenance, monitoring, enhancement and auditing of management systems, including Environmental Management Systems (EMS).

What is an Environmental Management System?

An Environmental Management System (EMS) is a powerful tool to help businesses improve their environmental performance.  This is beneficial to both the environment and businesses.  An EMS enables organisations to manage environmental issues in a unified and systematic way.  

Developing an EMS is a proactive way for businesses to manage environmental risks and shows customers and stakeholders that the organisation is committed to protecting and improving the environment.

Occasionally, businesses may be required to develop and implement an EMS as a condition of certain environmental approvals.  For example, a valid EMS is one of the components of a Mining Proposal (one of the instruments of approval for mining developments in Western Australia).

Without a relevant EMS, mining developments will not be approved by the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (DMIRS).

The benefits of developing and implementing an EMS include:

  • Identification of environmental risks
  • Provides opportunities to consider environmentally sustainable actions and procedures
  • Financial benefits through efficient use of resources
  • Demonstrates a commitment to the environment
  • Improves corporate image
  • Provides a competitive edge
  • Achieves environmental compliance
  • Promotes environmentally responsible citizenship
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An EMS will be governed by an Environmental Policy, which is a statement of commitment, a promise, to responsible environmental behaviour and performance. Once developed, an EMS requires appropriate implementation, monitoring/auditing, maintenance and ongoing improvement.

These actions are required to be carried out by both the business internally as well as by independent third parties, such as accredited auditors.

Management systems, including Environmental Management Systems, may or may not be accredited in accordance with certain standards, such as ISO 14001 Certification, which is an international and recognised standard.

Demonstrating functional and accredited ISO 14001 Certified Environmental Management Systems provides businesses with a badge of honour of sorts, available to be shown on websites and marketing materials.

Key Environmental Management System Capabilities

  • The environmental management system capabilities of the FVC team include:
    • Environmental risk assessments, including workshop facilitation
    • Environmental risk gap analysis
    • Development of EMS frameworks
    • EMS development
    • Preparation of Integrated Management Systems (IMS), incorporating Quality Management Systems and Workplace Health and Safety Management Systems
    • Assistance with EMS (or IMS) implementation, including roll-outs and inductions
    • EMS monitoring and surveillance auditing
    • EMS maintenance and continuous improvement

Key Relevant Project Experience

  • Rey Lennard Shelf/Rey Resources, Derby Block (EP 487) Environmental Management System and Safety Management System (approved by the Department of Mines and Petroleum) (2016)
  • Oil Basins Limited, development of company Environmental Management System and Safety Management System (approved by the Department of Mines and Petroleum) (2015-2016)
  • ANZ Enviro, development of company Integrated Management System (thereafter tri-certified to ISO standards) (2015)
  • Brookfield Rail (now Arc Infrastructure), Environmental Management System (EMS) support for South West rail network (2014-2015)


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Mimi d’Auvergne, Oil Basins Limited, 2017