A New Addition to the Giants of Mandurah

A Project Close to Our Hearts


The FVC team is delighted to spread the happy news of the recent arrival of Thomas Dambo’s new Giant, Yaburgurt Winjan Cirkelstone, at Coodanup Foreshore. The Giants of Mandurah is a project close to our hearts, because we were lucky enough to contribute.

Back in 2022, FVC was approached by FORM and the City of Mandurah, to undertake ecological assessments of the sites proposed for Danish artist, Thomas Dambo.  The mission was on to find suitable resting spots for his enchanting Giants.  Having caught a whiff of the delightful project in the media only weeks earlier. We can’t ever pass up working on a ‘project for good’!  

The FVC team set to work on assessment of the top-secret sites, in terms of the existing ecological values, and in providing the project team with recommendations for impact mitigation and environmental management.   

We could hardly wait to see the completed project. It was an exciting day, when down in the Peel region for some work high atop the hill at Caddadup Reserve, we spotted Seba’s Song beginning to be cast out over the inlet from the groyne.  We knew we had to go check him out!   

As the weeks rolled on, and more Giants were coming to life, the launch date of 12 November 2022 was announced.  Excitedly, we began to make plans to go on the hunting adventure with our families.  But we obviously had an unfair advantage! 

How lovely it was to see our own children and members of our community getting out in nature, and getting excited about the enchanting art installations that are a mere glimpse into the fabulous imagination of the talented Mr Dambo.  And the final piece of the puzzle, the alluring Secret Giant, did not disappoint!  

Along with many in our community, delight turned to grief and frustration when we learned of the senseless destruction of Vivi Cirkelstone at Coodanup Foreshore.  But now, her memory is honoured with the arrival of her big brother on the land of the Bindjareb Noongar people. 

Yaburgurt Winjan Cirkelstone has been named in consultation with Bindjareb Noongar Elders, and in honour of a respected Elder from the region.  Yaburgurt can be seen creating a circle of stones around his little sister left behind.  Bindjareb Elders and the community have in-turn welcomed Yaburgurt by creating a circle of care and protection around him.   

The FVC team says, “Welcome Yaburgurt” also.  And how wonderful to have a reason to visit the Giants of Mandurah again.   

For more information, visit giantsofmandurah.com.au