Innovations in Data Collection

We were out on site today and took the opportunity to road test and fine-tune some of the new revisions to our latest customised site data collection app.

Focused Vision Consulting collect most field and site data using electronic tablets equipped with various software applications.  The software we are using allows us to build customised data collection forms, tailored to the collection of ecological field data and management system or environmental audits.

Data is recorded on site using quick drop-downs in pre-populated fields which can be tailored to each project.  Our ecological field data collection app also allows in-field spatial mapping of boundaries for vegetation communities, condition areas and fauna habitats, as well as the collection of spatial point data where individual species, habitat trees or other observations or photographs are captured.

Other customised apps we are exploring enable site-based management system and management plan audits to be conducted more rapidly, based on pre-audit preparations that can be tailored to the subject of the audit.

The use of electronic data collection optimises project efficiencies as it limits the need for manual data entry post-site visit.  Errors associated with manual data entry are also avoided.

This is just another way we are making the most of the innovative solutions available on the market, streamlining our activities and passing on the benefits to our clients.