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Welcome Dan!

This week, the FVC team has been over the moon to welcome Daniel Roberts to our ranks. Dan is a botanist and ecologist, with skills and experience in both flora and vegetation and also fauna surveys and monitoring. He has been involved in over 100 biological surveys and monitoring programs throughout Western Australia.  Dan has…
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Biological assessments service

The Wonderful World of Data

For environmental assessments, and in particular, biological assessments, data are measurements and statistics taken from a population or source.  Generally, the purpose of data collection in the field of biological assessments is to provide information on biological attributes and answers to ecological questions.  The FVC team collects data for most of the environmental consulting projects…
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flora survey and assessment wa

Things to consider when engaging a Consultant for a Flora Survey

Our flora and vegetation are special Western Australia is considered to have high species diversity and high levels of endemism with 60% of flora occurring nowhere else on earth (EPA 2016).  Many species occur in small, localised populations and this distribution makes them more vulnerable to environmental disturbance. The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) of Western…
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The Spring Survey Season is Approaching

Spring is the most appropriate season in which to conduct flora and fauna surveys in Western Australia’s South-West region. Why survey in spring? Spring, occurring from September to November in the southern hemisphere, is the season following winter and preceding summer.  In our Mediterranean climate in Western Australia’s South-West region, spring is synonymous with growth…
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environmental consulting services wa

When would you need an Environmental Consulting service?

Environmental consulting companies provide a range of services on a contractual basis for private and public sector clients, addressing various environmental issues.  Depending on the specialties of the consultancy, the services offered may include environmental assessments or monitoring, environmental impact assessment (EIA), preparing environmental approvals applications and environmental management planning. When are environmental consultants needed?…
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New Government Initiative for Environmental Assessments

On 13 May 2020, the Premier of Western Australia, Mark McGowan announced the funding of the Environmental Online initiative and the establishment of a Biodiversity Information Office (BIO), led by the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER). The measures announced will streamline the environmental assessment and approval processes in Western Australia and will minimise…
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environmental compliance reporting

What is the Importance of Environmental Compliance Reporting?

Firstly, what is environmental compliance? Businesses of all sorts may have requirements to comply with environmental legislation, regulations or other guidelines.  This includes where: a business operates under certain legislation or regulations which needs to be complied with environmental approvals have been granted and conditions of that approval need to be met a business has…
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flora and vegetation survey

What is Important for a Good Flora and Vegetation Survey?

Flora and vegetation surveys are used to gather information about the plants and collection of plants (vegetation), that is, the floristic values, of a specific area.  The flora component refers to individual species while the vegetation component refers to the composition of the collection of flora species. A survey is generally undertaken by botanists or…
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environmental monitoring

What Do Environmental Monitoring Specialists Look At?

Understanding the human impact on natural environments is crucial for developing sustainable and ethical practices. One of the key methods used to achieve an in-depth and scientifically rigorous understanding of the human impact is ‘environmental monitoring’. These days environmental monitoring plays a key role ensuring environmental standards and conservation objectives are achieved. Often, environmental monitoring…
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environmental impact assessment western australia

What is the Difference Between Environmental Assessment and Environmental Impact Assessment?

Environmental assessments and environmental impact assessments are both important steps in the environmental approvals process. While they are often confused with one another, they each play a different and distinct role. Put simply, environmental assessments define the environment while environmental impact assessments define the proposed activity and what effect it will have on the defined…
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support local businesses

Coronavirus Crippling Businesses Everywhere

The COVID-19 outbreak is impacting businesses globally in many ways including reduced trade, temporary business closures, staffing issues, and supply chain interruptions. Across the globe, “non-essentials” are being shut-down in the midst of the outbreak.   Businesses across most industries are feeling the pinch as consumers and clients shift priorities and bunker down.  It will…
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