Pretty Pink Flowers

Yesterday a fabulous female colleague and I kicked off a new project, with our two lovely and very clever female client contacts. Today, another female colleague and I will head off for three days in the field for the project, and a third female colleague and I will do another couple of day’s field work for the same project next week. Further work on the project over the next few weeks will include no less than another two lovely ladies (oh, and a couple gents will help with maps and stuff like that too). Later in the year we will probably do a pile more work on the project for this client and we are likely to have half a dozen or more wonderful women in the field.

I am surrounded by so many smart, confident, successful and delightful women in both my work and personal lives. Is this by choice? – not at all. The very best people for the job just happen to be women.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, I reflect on the fact that we don’t need a leg-up, because we got to where we are on our merits. But we are grateful for the women that came before us and made it possible for us to do so.