Welcome John!


FVC is absolutely delighted to welcome John Braid to the team.  John joins us as Principal Environmental Consultant and Team Leader of our growing Environmental Management (EM) team.

Many of the team have a long history of working with John, both as a colleague and a client.  With our knowledge of his professional capabilities, we are excited about the contributions that John will make to our clients’ projects, but most importantly, how he will lead the growth and development of FVC’s EM team.

John is an environmental practitioner with 17 years’ experience in the Perth industry.  He has specialised in the environmental approvals process for a significant number of development projects.  John has skills ranging from desktop reviews to formal environmental impact assessment under Western Australian State and Commonwealth legislation. 

The majority of John’s professional experience has been in road infrastructure projects.  He is accomplished in having been the lead professional responsible for both approvals, and in managing compliance for many of the State’s major road developments over the past decade.  In addition to being responsible for major road approvals, and in leading teams that have supported these activities, John is also experienced in working in environmental consulting teams.  His key skills are in environmental impact assessments, environmental approvals and managing environmental compliance.  John is accomplished in the assessment of all environmental and heritage factors at all levels of detail across various projects. 

A particular speciality in John’s professional tool kit is the ability to map out, manage and contribute to complex and large-scale environmental impact assessments and approvals applications under Part IV and V of the Environmental Protection Act 1986 and the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.  John is also a leading professional in the environmental offsets process, as it relates to both State and Commonwealth approvals with the relevant regulatory authorities, and he is seasoned in community and regulatory stakeholder consultation.

A driven and hard-working individual, John values a sustainable life balance.  He enjoys relaxing and catching up with friends, and he is a cricket fan, enjoying the sport as both a spectator and player at the local club.

A very warm welcome to the team, John!