Welcome Taryn!


Almost six months ago now, the FVC team was delighted to welcome Taryn Brebner. 

Taryn is an ecologist with a speciality in botany.  She has worked as a botanist since 2012 and consistently as a consultant for the past five years. Taryn has a track record conducting botanical assessments and monitoring across most of Western Australia, with experience in contributing to and leading all stages of biological assessment and monitoring projects.  

She has well-developed skills in floral recognition in the field, having worked in seed collecting for more than a decade, including in a supervisory role for most of this time.  In more recent years, Taryn’s responsibilities have shifted to processing, managing and reporting on collected data from biological surveys. 

In addition to her specialist botanical knowledge, Taryn has supported a number of fauna surveys including trapping programs and Black-Cockatoo habitat assessments.  An adaptable professional, Taryn is a solutions-focused consultant with a strong drive to continue to build on her experience across broader areas of the State and to continue to develop her technical reporting skills.

As is the case with many botanists, Taryn enjoys gardening and she likes to get out and about for hikes in the bush and exploring different markets. 

In the time she’s been with us, Taryn has already contributed so much, including field trips, data processing, mapping, reporting and helping with the big load of project management.  Taryn has proven to be a diligent consultant, with a good eye for detail, and one who has seamlessly slipped into the systems and processes at FVC. 

We are very lucky to have her!