Welcome Vaida!


We are thrilled to introduce Vaida Seikyte as the newest member of the FVC team, who joins us as a GIS Analyst.

Vaida kicked off the new year with the team, commencing back at the start of January and in her first couple of months, has already made valuable contributions to around a dozen projects.  Having moved over from Tasmania, seeking warmer weather, we think she might have regretted that at least briefly during the recent heatwaves!

Vaida brings a dynamic blend of technical expertise and innovative thinking to our group, with a proven track record in utilising Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to address complex challenges across various sectors.  Her skills in spatial analysis, data management, and strategic planning are a perfect match for our mission to deliver cutting-edge solutions.  As we embark on new projects and strive to exceed our goals, Vaida’s contributions will undoubtedly be invaluable.

Vaida is a dedicated and career-oriented Geospatial and Environmental Specialist with over two years of experience in data preparation for environmental projects and risk assessments.  She has a Bachelor of Science in Geography and a Certificate of Geology.  Vaida’s expertise lies in utilising advanced GIS tools to conduct spatial analyses, modelling, and data visualisation.  She has a proven track record of conducting in-depth site research, leveraging LiDAR data analysis, and performing geology and geomorphology assessments to comprehensively understand and mitigate risks in coastal regions.  Vaida’s skill set includes strong communication abilities and a talent for creative problem-solving, which she has honed through her work experiences. 

When she is not busy at work, Vaida loves an active lifestyle that includes sports, walking along the beach, hiking and cycling.  She enjoys special meals with friends, reading a good book or relaxing with a movie.  Another passion of Vaida’s is traveling to explore new cultures and places around the world.  All that energy!

Welcome Vaida!