Work-Shopping our Culture

Purpose, values, culture.  These are words that are bandied about in workplaces a lot, but does everyone really understand what they mean? And why are they important?

We all want to work in a team that has a purpose that resonates with us.  So that all we do at work is for a reason that we can support.  Our values support our purpose, and our culture is the set of behaviours that support our values.  The FVC leadership team have been investing time and energy into distilling our core values over recent months, and extending this to reinforce our culture that supports the values, which in turn helps us achieve our purpose.

As part of this journey, the FVC team got together off-site last week, and with the help of our brilliant executive and team advisor, Robert Bentley from Acuity Group, we explored the meaning behind FVC’s purpose and values and work-shopped the behaviours that support these.

We are grateful to work in a team that is dedicated to getting the most out of ourselves, and each other in all that we do on a day-to-day basis.  Everyone brought along plenty of energy and generous contributions to the workshop.

One key outcome resulted from the day; affirmation that our tight-knit team are well-aligned on how we work in ways that support our values of Integrity, Quality and Teamwork.  It was also terrific to hear the different points of view in the team about what the various value-supporting behaviour looks like. 

Something we can be sure of, is that everyone in the FVC team is committed to our team’s purpose; ‘To better our world.’  And that is a great thing to be part of.