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Recent and Key Projects

ASJV (for Main Roads via Jacobs), Bindoon Bypass, GNH, flora, vegetation, Banksia woodland and fauna assessments (2016-2019, ongoing)
Ardea Resources, Goongarrie KNP Nickel-Cobalt project, flora and vegetation assessments (2017-2019)
Rey Resources Limited, Gulliver Assets Environment Plan (2018-2019)
Water Corporation, Caddadup Reserve, flora, vegetation and fauna assessment (2018)
City of Cockburn, Frankland Park, Biological Assessment (2017-2018)
Department of Communities, Keralup flora and vegetation assessment (2017)
Perth Airport, Banksia Woodland TEC assessments of a large-scale impact area; Banksia Woodland TEC and Black-cockatoo habitat assessments of proposed offset sites (2016-2017)
Main Roads WA, Bush Forever site 300, reconnaissance flora and vegetation assessment, targeted Caladenia huegelii survey (2018)
Great Northern Hwy Integrated Project Team, Dalwallinu targeted Eremophila pinnatifida survey (2017)
Main Roads WA, Mitchell and Kwinana Freeway vegetation assessments (2017)
Main Roads WA, Wanneroo and Ocean Reef Roads Interchange Upgrade, Detailed Flora and Vegetation Assessment (2017)
Rey Lennard Shelf/Rey Resources, Derby Block (EP 487) 2D seismic survey Environmental and Safety Induction (2015)
Rey Lennard Shelf/Rey Resources, Derby Block (EP 487) Environmental Management System; Safety Management System (2016)
Watpac Mining and Civil, Black-cockatoo nesting tree survey of Miling Bypass, Great Northern Highway (2018)
Rey Resources, Environment and Heritage Management Plan (2016)
Main Roads WA, Bindi Bindi to Lyons Road East, rehabilitation monitoring (2016)
City of Cockburn, Cockburn East Local Structure Plan flora and fauna assessment (2016-2017)
Main Roads WA, Folly Pool Rehabilitation Assessment (2016)
City of Mandurah Reserve Assessments and Management Plans (2016)
SBT Properties, Proposed Mogumber Poultry Farm Level 1 flora, vegetation and fauna assessment (2016)
City of Cockburn, Verde Drive extension flora and fauna assessment (2016 & 2018)
Oil Basins Limited, Flora and Vegetation Management Plan (2015)
Blackham Resources Limited, Lake Way Ecological Monitoring Plan and Program (2016)
LandCorp, Kemerton Industrial Park, targeted Threatened orchid surveys (2011)
Brookfield Rail, Environmental Management System (2016-2017)
ANZ Enviro, Integrated Management System (2015)
Oil Basins Limited, Integrated Management System (2015)