Environmental Management

Focused Vision Consulting Pty Ltd (FVC) draws on a team of highly experienced environmental professionals to resource projects with the full spectrum of environmental consulting needs, ranging from environmental assessments, environmental impact assessment, environmental approvals and environmental management. Environmental management is an umbrella term for this full range of services and capabilities.

What is Environmental Management?

Environmental management is the systematic approach to finding practical ways to reduce negative impacts on the environment.  Environmental management involves being aware of the impacts that you have on the environment and how to reduce or manage that impact.  

For example, this may include:

  • Minimising the amount of vegetation cleared for a development
  • Avoiding impacts on vegetation that is not to be cleared
  • Reducing noise during construction
  • Managing waste
  • Overall, reducing negative environmental impacts

Environmental management considers how certain actions might impact the natural environment and makes commitments on how to avoid, minimise and manage these impacts to be environmentally acceptable.

Businesses may be required to carry out environmental management as part of compliance with environmental approvals, where commitments to certain environmental management measures have been made and those approvals have been granted, on the condition that environmental management is enacted.

Making voluntary commitments to environmental management can include being aware of how your business operations can affect the environment.  Whether the business is small or large, there are ways to manage and reduce the impact you have on the environment such as:

  • Using water efficiently
  • Using sustainable materials
  • Utilising sustainable supply chains
  • Managing waste appropriately
  • Reducing energy consumption
  • Reducing emissions

Voluntary commitments to environmental management and overall environmental responsibility for a business are usually captured in an Environmental Management System, which may or may not be accredited in accordance with certain standards, such as ISO 14001.

environmental management

Key Environmental Management Services and Capabilities

  • The key environmental management services and capabilities of the FVC team include:
    • Environmental assessments
    • Environmental impact assessments
    • Environmental approvals, licences, permits
    • Environmental review documents (Part IV)
    • Native Vegetation Clearing Permits (NVCP) (Part V)
    • Environment Plans (for oil and gas environmental approvals)
    • Environmental management plans
    • Environmental monitoring programs
    • Environmental compliance reporting
    • Environmental inductions
    • Stakeholder consultation
    • Environmental compliance auditing, monitoring and reporting

Key Relevant Project Experience

  • Main Roads WA, Tonkin Hwy, Tonkin Gap, biological assessments, Environmental Impact Assessment, State & Commonwealth referrals, Environmental Management Plan, Clearing Impact Assessment, Vegetation Management Plan (2018-2020)
  • Rey Resources, Stokes Bay, Point Torment and West Kora Environment Plan (2018)
  • City of Mandurah, Reserve Management Plans (2017)
  • Main Roads WA, Leach Hwy-Welshpool Rd Interchange Upgrade, biological assessments, Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment & Environmental Management Plan, vegetation clearing impact assessment, Vegetation Management Plan (2018-2019)
  • Blackham Resources Limited, Matilda Gold Project, Ecological Monitoring of Lake Way (2017, 2019)
  • Lake Mealup Preservation Society and Peel-Harvey Catchment Council, Lake Mealup Bushland Action Plan (2019)
  • Rey Lennard Shelf, EP 487, Derby Block, Environment and Heritage Management Plan (2016)
  • Oil Basins Limited, Backreef (L6) exploration drilling program Environment Plan (2013-2014)


"FVC were prepared to listen to (our) client needs and work through issues. (They) responded to feedback and made changes in a timely way, delivering high quality work."

Eryn Jackson, City of Mandurah, 2019